Saturday, 21 July 2012

AndroidWifi is live!

Following my post few months back about how to set up a simple script to share your connection with Android devices in particular, I found that there was no application which provided full capabilities as my batch scripts did. I started work on a very simple application to convert these scripts into an easy to use application. Today I am releasing first version of this application.

Why AndroidWifi?
While reading this post, some of you might be wondering, why use AndroidWifi? why go through all these steps?

The answer is simple. This is the only free software available to date which enables you to share all types of internet connections over wifi.

These include:
  • 3G dongle internet
  • Wired internet
  • Wifi internet from another router
  • internet accessed through USB adapters

Update 13/08/2013: I am seeing people copying this blogpost as it is on their blogs. For this reason I have put a password on the file.

The software can be downloaded at: AndroidWifi_0.9  AndroidWifi_0.91 AndroidWifi_0.95
Download password:

- AndroidWifi version 0.95 (21/11/2012)

-- Fixed issue with false detection of script binaries as trojan in Avg Antivirus Software (thanks to ADTC for reporting this problem)

To use AndroidWifi, extract the contents to any suitable location.

After this go to the folder AndroidWifi_0.9\ and right click on the file named AndroidWifi.exe and go to properties. Under compatibility tab, check the option Run this program as an administrator.

These administrative rights are only required by the netsh command in windows, which is used in this application to enable the virtual router. 

Once you are done extracting head over to my older post and set up the Settings on your phone and Sharing your internet connection steps.

If everything is set up correctly you will be able to connect using your specified SSID and PASSKEY

Additional Requirements
AndroidWifi requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed on PC/Laptop

Please report any problems in comments.
This work is produced under the following creative commons license:
Creative Commons Licence
AndroidWifi by Muhammad Asad is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at


  1. Great dude! Would be more greatest if you put a minimize to tray system in the app! Greetings from Chile

    1. Thank you felipe, I will add that feature for next release.

    2. I did all that , you mentioned to do just keeps connecting , and cant obtain the IP address and then goes out of range....
      help me here

  2. Thanks a lot, manage to create hotspot using this batch files. The only problem is that my computer get freeze up sometimes even though I have installed the latest driver. I'm running on window 7 ultimate 32bit with 4GB RAM. Any method needed to stop my computer from freezing occasionally?

  3. I can use this to successfully connect my Android phone to my desktop internet connection. But the only problem is, it ONLY works with the default passkey. Any other passkey (even very similar ones) will result in my phone complaining "authentication failed". I can choose my own SSID but the passkey has to be the one that comes pre-entered in the program. Why is this? I want to make my connection more secure by choosing a different passkey, but I can't.

  4. Thank you. This thing works, but my Android phone can't connect to it. It always says "Obtaining IP - Adress", but Connection fails.

    Netbook :
    Acer Aspire One D257
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Phone :
    SE Xperia X10 mini pro
    Android 2.1

    1. You may be experiencing the same problem as I had. See my comment date 5 October 2012 13:10

      I found that if you create your own batch file, you can have any password within the limitations set by the netsh command (if your chosen password doesn't fall within limitation, netsh will complain about it so be sure to add a PAUSE command at the end of the batch file to catch this complaint!)

  5. When I clicked start button and checked the status, its shows as

    " 'netsh'' is not recognized as internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    Press any key to continue..."

    What shall I do now?

    Thank you.
    - Sundar

  6. My AVG recently started complaining that your program is a trojan horse... What's up with that?

    1. Because of this, I deleted the "trojan-infected" files (well, AVG deleted them) and I'm using the batch file I created based on your batch file tips instead of using your program.

    2. Sent you the screenshots.

    3. I am looking into the problem. Will post the results here soon. For now I will delete the comment with my email as I have started to get spam. I really appreciate your help.

    4. This was a false alarm due to the small size and behaviour of the script binaries. I have fixed the problem, you can download the updated version and use it. Thank you for reporting this issue.

  7. This works like the best i have seen! Simple, easy, smooooth...
    I am using it on Windows7, sharing my 3g usb data card's internet. I can access the shared internet from a Java phone, Android tab, Symbian pone...
    (And connectify didn't work for me after dayyys of headbutting!)

    Kudos :)

    Just one addition may help - minimize the Android Wi-Fidialogue to tray. BBut it's just a minor one.

  8. All goes well, but a few minutes (completely random, sometimes a few seconds, sometimes hours) into it my tablet is still connected but no longer has internet and my cellphone can't connect anymore.

    Windows 7, fully updated as far as I know
    Cell: HTC Desire running Gingerbread 2.3.7 (MildWild ROM)
    Tab: Nexus 7 running latest Jellybean, 4.2.1

    What's more, as soon as this happens I can't stop the hostednetwork anymore. The CMD just hangs, forever. Can't mode=disallow it either to kill it completely, which is what I had to do the very first time before it would properly start up.

    I know this isn't really the right place, as it shouldn't have anything to do with your little program as the same happens when I manually cmd it, and everything with the fact my MS virtual miniport adapter is apparently severely broken, but if anyone has any ideas it'd be much obliged.

  9. hi, tried your method with the application. everything went fine until i tried connecting with my galaxy note 10.1. The error returned was authentication error, incorrect password. Please how can I solve this?
    Thanks for all your efforts.

    1. Hey Chris, thank you for trying this solution.

      Looks like you are almost there, try the following and let me know if it solves the problem
      1. Change the key to: passw123 and see if it works
      2. Generate a WPA key from online tools like:
      and see if it works

      The problem is that sometimes if the passkey is not complying with the WPA standards, then you can not get authorization.

      Please let me know if this solves the problem, i will update it in the post.

    2. Hi, I have the same problem and i tried the solutions that you posted, but nothing changed.

      OS - Windows 7 x64
      Phone - Samsung Galaxy S III - Android 4.1.1

  10. os: win 7 64
    wifi: atheros ar9285
    3g: huawei e3131
    device: scroll pocket ics 4.04

    success with default ssid an pw - authentication failure when changed.
    will try again after reboot.
    thank you.

  11. hi, i have set-up network with this software and its succesfully done.
    I'm using phone with Android4.3.5.
    While i'm connecting to my device wi-fi network shows "No Internet Access".
    What should i do?

    Thank you for this simple idea for network sharing.

  12. Very neat!!! Thank you. It worked right out of the box

  13. Hi, nice program:) I just have one small issue, none of my android devices see the connection.

    After I click start and then click status i get this :

    Hosted network status
    Status Not available

    Windows 7 32bit
    Lenovo Thinkpad T61
    Intel Wifi link 4965AGN
    Nokia Internet stick CS-19/18 Usb modem

    Hope you can help


  14. Dear Asad, I am Mazid from Bangladesh. its a great pleasure to get your service with such a nice way to have a wifi hotspot with just my hp pavillion laptop. however, the thing i faced in connectify is the frequent drop of connection to the wifi and re-connecting a while later by the phone itself, and that after sometime of usage (when am using play store or browser for long time) the connection drops permanently. Sadly i am facing it again in this application of yours too. it would be very helpful if you can sense any trouble which am facing but not observing. Thanx a lot, brother.

  15. Thanks for the informative blog...

    Is this method possible with android being the main connection ? Basically, I connect to a wifi adaptor from my android TV Box, go to browser & enter my credentials to gain internet access. AFter that, i want to share the same wifi internet via my android tv box, so that i can use it to browse internet over my phone & tab while watching tv. I hope you understood what i am looking for. Please let me know if you have any solution for this !!
    Thanks a lot

  16. hey dude thanks for this wonderful app.. i tried all that you have said, my mobile galaxy s4 detects the connection and also connects but i am not able to surf the internet.. the data sent and receieved are in bits only.. no webpage or no application opens.

    i am using mts m blaze but problem still persists..

  17. Works only with default ssid and password. Can you fix this?

    1. it works with any password as long as it is compatible with WPA passkey requirements (these are not checked explicitly by the code)

      Fortunately for you there is an onliine WPA Passkey generator which you can use to generate your own passkey:

      I hope this helps

  18. It says obtainng ip address but does not really connect to the internet.

    1. You have to manually enable the internet connection on your PC so that the wifi hotspot can finish authenticating and get an IP address.

  19. Cannot obtain the password to download the AndroidWifi_0.95 from MediaFire (should be available on, but can't find it).

    1. Stupid, stupid me !! Sorry, but I'm a blondy ..

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. ill try this

  22. Hei ,
    My device : HTC One M7
    PC : Win 8 64 bit
    Network : Broadband
    Android : 4.4.2

    Thanks for the app. The internet is working fine everywhere except the google play store or when I try to access "" in any browsers (local variations work fine) . I can't download or update any app over the play store. Please have a look into it . The issue is getting pretty annoying. I made it sure there are no location service running but in vain. Thanks for your support

  23. I can't seem to locate the password on the given website. Can anyone help me?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Download password: